Irish Rovers

1980 Wasn't That A Party/Here's To The Horses (Potato/Attic/Cleveland Int'l) AT 231
1980 Wasnt' That A Party/Matchstick Men (Epic - US) 51007

1981 Mexican Girl/Movie Cowboys (Potato/Attic)
1981 Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy/Class Of '69 (Potato/Attic) AT 254

1982 No More Bread And Butter/Pain In My Past (Potato/Attic)
1982 People Who Read People Magazine (Potato/Attic)

1982 Grandma Got Hit By A Reindeer/Merry Bloody Christmas (Potato/Attic) AT 275
1985 Everybody's Making It/Bottle Of Wine (Potato/Attic) AT 325


1980 The First of the Irish Rovers [re-issue] (MCA)
1980 The First of the Irish Rovers/The Unicorn [re-issue] (MCA)

1981 The Irish Rovers' Greatest Hits [re-issue] (MCA)

1980 The Rovers (Potato/Attic/Cleveland Int'l) AT 1095
1980 Wasn't That A Party (Epic/Columbia - US) 37107

1981 No More Bread And Butter (Potato/Attic) AT 1118

1982 It Was A Night Like This (Potato/Attic) AT 1149

1985 Party With The Rovers (Potato/Attic)

198? Children Of The Unicorn (MCA)
198? The Life Of The Rovers (MCA)

1989 Silver Anniversary (Attic) ACDM 1303
1989 Hardstuff (Attic)

Compilation Tracks
1982 "Wasn't That A Party" on 'Full Tilt' (K-Tel) TC 269

1984 "Honky Tonk Christmas" on 'Country Christmas List' (Attic)


Irish Rovers Twentieth Anniversary Celebration

Extremely rare and out of print Collector's Item

AVAILABLE in a CD or LP  BOX  SET  from Reader's Digest



50 of The Rovers Greatest Hits!

(2 Cassette Gift Set - One Cassette still sealed)

  • Manufactured Especially for Reader's Digest
  • Double-Length Cassettes
  • Gift-Boxed Set of (2) Cassettes
  • Complete Song List Inside the Cover

Reader's Digest Presents The Rovers 20th Anniversary Celebration 50 Of Their Greatest Hits" Songs include: UNICORN and 49 more! on Two Cassettes

Barley Mow, Biplane Evermore, Black Velvet Band, Blow the Man Down, Bluenose, Botany Bay, Cape Anne, Class of '69, Come By the Hills, Day the Tall Ships Came, Drovers Dream, Dublin O'Shea, I'm A Rambler, Lord of the Dance, Mexican Girl, Morning Town Ride, Movie Cowboys, New York Girls, No More Bread and Butter, Orange and Green, Other Side of the Sun, Overlanders, Passing of the Gale, Pub With No Beer, Puff the Magic Dragon, Queensland Drovers, Rio Grande, Road to Gundagai, Sloop John B, Snoopy Versus Red Baron, South Australia, Spey and the Spate, Step It Out Mary, Sunny Sydney Lady, Sweet Thames Flow Softly, Sydney Harbour Ferry Boat, Tara, Ten Thousand Miles Away, Unicorn, Valparaiso Waltzing Matilda, Wasn't That a Party, We'll Rant and We'll Roar, What Wid Ye Do, When the Shipyards Go Back on Full Time, Whiskey on a Sunday, Wild Colonial Boy, Wild Rover No More, Windy Old Weather, Yellow Gals.


This box set was issued by Reader's Digest/Potato Records in 1984 in Canada only. 1st LP: Their Greatest Hits. 2nd LP: Salute to Australia/Here's to Ireland. 3rd LP: Showtime at the Pub. 4th LP: Tall Ships and High Seas/Pretty Ladies. 5th LP: Sing Along/Live in Concert.

All the records look unplayed. The box is in excellent condition.

Irish Rovers 15th Anniversary

very hard to find LP

email ric@cdisle.ca for availability

Irish Rovers
Silver Anniversary

Label: Potato

very Hard to Find CD

in excellent condition

1. What wid ye do   (Trad. arr. & adapter by W. & G. Millar)
2. Mick maguire   (Trad. arr. & adapter by W. & G. Millar)
3. McDonalds' raiders   (W. & G. Millar)
4. Reels: A) Pigeon on the gate B) The teetotaler   (Trad. arr. & adapter by W. & G. Millar / W. McDowell)
5. Castle of dromore   (Trad. arr. & adapter by W. & G. Millar)
6. Rare old mountain dew   (Trad. arr. & adapter by W. & G. Millar)
7. Maggie mae   (Trad. arr. & adapter by W. & G. Millar)
8. Mama was a mooshine man   (W. & G. Millar)
9. New York gals   (Trad. arr. & adapter by W. & G. Millar)
10. The unicorn   (S. Silverstein)
11. Come and dance to paddy's reels   (W. & G. Millar)
12. Song of the antrim coast   (Trad. - new words by W. Millar)
13. Jigs: A) The frost is all over B) The rakes of kildare C) I will if I can   (Trad. arr. & adapter by W. & G. Millar / W. McDowell)
14. The flower of sweet strabane   (Trad. arr. & adapter by W. & G. Millar)
15. The shores of Americay   (Trad. arr. & adapter by W. & G. Millar)
16. Maid of fife-o   (Trad. arr. & adapter by W. & G. Millar)
17. Summertime is coming   (Trad. arr. & adapter by W. & G. Millar)
18. Sweet jazz babies   (W. & G. Millar)
19. Come by the hills   (Trad. arr. & adapter by W. & G. Millar)
20. Wasn't that a party   (T. Paxton)

Irish Rovers
The Rovers

Serial # ACDM 1095
re-issued on CD

Last 1 of a very rare release on CD

Irish Rovers

LIKE NEW Condtion
Gary Koliger, Musician
George Millar Arranger, Band
Ciaran Byrne Assistant Engineer
Wilcil McDowell Adaptation, Band, Arranger
Howard Risson Engineer
Finbar Furey Musician
Will Millar Adaptation, Photography, Band, Arranger
The Irish Rovers Main Performer
Bill Somerville-Large Engineer
Joe Millar Band
Davey Arthur Musician
Lee Oliphant Musician
Rene Worst Musician
David Chan Assistant Engineer

Irish Rovers
No More Bread and Butter

Vinyl LP

very rare LP only 1 available




This LP is graded according to the