Irish Rovers

Irish Rovers
Celebrate! The First Thirty Years


ultra rare and out-of-print cd

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Irish Rovers
Emigrate! Emigrate!

label:1973 Potato Records



IRISH ROVERS Emigrate Emigrate LP 33

Side One Side Two
The Passing of the Gale 2.27 Cobblers 1.03
Trad. Shee Gwee Music & Mooncat Music (BMI) W. McDowell, W. Millar, D. Murphy
        Shee Gwee Music & Mooncat Music (BMI)
        Yellow Gals 2.19
Trad. Shee Gwee Music & Mooncat Music (BMI) Paddy on the Railway 0.25
        Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore 4.17 Trad. Shee Gwee Music (BMI)
Trad. Shee Gwee Music & Mooncat Music (BMI) Canadian Railroad Trilogy 4.38
        G. Lightfoot Warner Bros. Music (ASCAP)
        Farewell to Carlingford 3.12
Tommy Makem Unichappell Music (BMI) Northern Rake 2.01
        G. Millar, W. Millar Shee Gwee Music (BMI)
        Mary of Dungloe 3.53
        Children of Hate 2.28
Trad. Shee Gwee Music & Mooncat Music (BMI)
        W. Millar Shee Gwee Music (BMI)
        Emigration Medley 3.38
        Catch Another Butterfly 2.22
Trad. Shee Gwee Music & Mooncat Music (BMI

0 ©1973 Potato Records / All rights reserved M. Williams Cherry Lane (ASCAP)

The Gypsy 2.50

Irish Rovers On The Shores Of Americay

originally released 1971 by Decca Records
Release Date: 17 October, 1990

This vinyl LP is extremely hard to find and  is NEAR MINT with the jacket NEAR MINT.

Irish Rovers
Ramblers And Gamblers
20 All Time Irish Favourites

Label: Carlton

very hard to find still sealed CD from UK 

Irish Rovers 15th Anniversary

very hard to find LP

email ric@cdisle.ca for availability

Irish Rovers Children of the Unicorn

Canadian CD edition on Attic records KACD 3000
or Original 1982 CD Release (only 1 available)

Originally Issued on LP in 1976
Label:Potato Records
Number:NC 445

Available on CD  or the ORIGINAL 1982 CD RELEASE (ULTRA RARE) (only 1 available)


Irish Rovers The First of The Irish Rovers

Vinyl LP
DECCA DL 74835

Still in original cellophane in excellent condition


The First of the Irish Rovers recorded live at the Ice House in Pasadena, California.

Read about the group then enjoy their friendly upbeat Irish music as quoted on the album jacket "Close your eyes and you're in Ireland, strolling past a friendly pub, watching the mist rise over the sea. Will Millar himself would say 'Come on in for a minute or two out of the rain and give us a hand on a couple of the choruses."

Enjoy Irish favourites that were their first in what would become a long line of hits.

Irish Rovers
The Best of the Irish Rovers


ultra rare & out of print Vinyl LP

Irish Rovers
The Rovers

Serial # ACDM 1095
re-issued on CD

Last 1 of a very rare release on CD

Irish Rovers

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Gary Koliger, Musician
George Millar Arranger, Band
Ciaran Byrne Assistant Engineer
Wilcil McDowell Adaptation, Band, Arranger
Howard Risson Engineer
Finbar Furey Musician
Will Millar Adaptation, Photography, Band, Arranger
The Irish Rovers Main Performer
Bill Somerville-Large Engineer
Joe Millar Band
Davey Arthur Musician
Lee Oliphant Musician
Rene Worst Musician
David Chan Assistant Engineer