Alison Humphries I Should Have Been Doing The Gardening

Recorded at Running Frog Music in Windsor and due for release at the end of November, this is Alison Humphries' debut solo CD, featuring some of her favourite comic songs, parodies and guitar instrumentals.

Produced by Alison Humphries
All tracks recorded, engineered and mixed by Neil Thom at Running Frog Music, Windsor except [Do You Love An Apple?] & [I Know Where I'm Going], recorded and engineered by Paul Castle at PDC Music, London. Mixed by John Davies and Paul Castle.

Dreaming Dragon Polliwog Castle

a musical adventure story

A Tale of Polliwog Castle’ is an original story about Sam Campbell,
a young boy who is first tricked by a frog he is chasing in a local creek.
Next, the King of Polliwog Castle – a crusty old bullfrog -
sentences Sam to rid his kingdom of Nasty Elves,
a heart-stopping challenge Sam undertakes with two animal companions.
But no sooner does Sam complete this task when
he faces an even larger menace – the Luce, a horrific, fire-spitting dragon.
Will Sam overcome the Luce and make it home again?
Listen to Polliwog Castle and find out!

Cast of Story Characters Narrator/Sam Campbell/Old Toad - Michael Maser Ferdinand (frog)/Old King (frog) - Lisa Housden Murdoch (mouse) - Kiel Strang Guard - Allan Maser Lisa (muskrat) - Robin Maser Housden Ogella (nasty elf) - Jan Michael Sherman

Geronimo Skull & 'Bones' Bush
The Ballad of Harry Anslinger

members of a not so secret society

the full version available as MP3 file (by email with instructions to download upon receipt of payment)

Hazel Lennox
Where the Mountains meet the Ocean


June Cable
Tales of Gold and Silver

Molly Raher Newman

EMILY CARR: Selected Readings and SERENADE:Music of Antique Instruments



Ron Mason
Move The Earth

Diverse, rootsy, blues, bluegrass and folk weave through strong story based songs about real people working in early twentieth centruy factories. Joy, struggle and art connects our lives to those who came before us.
The inspiration for Move the Earth came as a result of being immersed in the historical surroundings of the Historic Clay District, a national historic site highlighting early 20th century industrial pottery in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. As the Education Coordinator at the site I continue to research its heritage, I have had the opportunity to interview and befriend many former employees who worked in the industry from the late 1930s to the 1980s, I spend my workdays in the inspiring spaces of the 1912 Medalta Potteries factory buildings. I continue to learn the art of pottery from many extraordinary contemporary ceramic artists. These experiences have been deeply moving and have given me a true appreciation for the rich heritage of my chosen home and the people who founded, built, and continue to make it great.

Many of the songs on the Move The Earth CD were born after meeting former employees of the industry or people deeply committed to preserving its heritage. I hope these songs will enlighten, entertain and inspire others to find the magic in their own heritage whatever it may be.

Todd Butler Todd Butler Goes Madly Off-Live

2 CD set
I am happy to announce the release of my new 2 CD set, "Todd Butler Goes Madly Off-Live"! This collection of over 100 minutes of songs and standup from my recent stint as host of CBC's Madly Off in All Directions, features: The Car Song, Hockey Talk Woman, The Jean Chretien Legacy Collection, Farm to Fork, The Movie Rant, and the 'road song', "Home" as recorded with Pied Pumpkin, to name a few!! The concerts were taped in Cranbrook, Grande Prairie, Courtenay, Saskatoon, and Sault Ste Marie in 2003, and aired on Madly Off in the fall of 2003 and winter 2004. Thank you for supporting Canadian Comedy!
Todd Butler

Valdy Viva Valdy: Live at Last

Released in 2003
Produced by Valdy & Norman MacPherson
This two-CD set consists of one CD of live concert recordings and a second CD of studio recordings. 2 CDs, 25 songs; 13 live, 12 tracked

"The 12 tunes on the Studio disc are multi-track productions, with great players, sweet BGs, a few parts flown in on the net, hard disks lugged up and down the 401 to various studios; Logic audio on a dual processor G4 through a Motu 2408, it's all good stuff, great software," asserts Valdy, "and it has helped Norm and I make a really decent recording."

Now, doesn't that sound Canadian?

This is the best recording work Valdy has ever done with keen songwriting, assertive vocals, marvelous textures; this disc should be this good, after the years Valdy's been recording. Maturing as an artist, it would appear, does not include backing away from the edge.

Viva Valdy: Live at Last,

the Live CD: "No Overdubs, No Second Takes!" joined by

Gary Fjellgaard on 3 songs.

the Studio CD: "No Effects; well, Not Many!" 10 new songs,

2 songs reprised, including "Play Me a Rock 'n' Roll Song."

"The original intent was to do the same tunes both live and in studio, yet with so many songs to document, the content shifted to who I am today, and I want to give these tunes some shelf life, let them be heard, et voila! Viva Valdy: Live at Last. Hope you enjoy these tunes."

from Valdy's website

Voices in the Sound Love Songs to Bowen Island

from the musical by Pauline Le Bel

Voices in the Sound - Pauline's mytho-poetic play, a cosmological musical tale about Bowen Island, received standing ovations in all three performances last July 2005. This celebration of the island's natural and human wonders sings of the dreamers that shaped this island in the Salish Sea. The play will be performed again July 7,8, and 9 in the meadow at Crippen Park, Bowen Island.

Reviewers called the play: "Magical, entertaining, and very moving" "An amazing job of spinning the threads of history, humanity, spirit and nature … fun and funny too."

In 2005, Pauline created and organized a 3-day festival to relive the magic of Bowen Island's history, to deepen our connection to the land and to each other. Hundreds of islanders and visitors walked the land, churned old-fashioned ice cream at the Union Steamship Picnic, tapped their toes to a new musical about Bowen, feasted on wild salmon, and marched in the Bull Kelp Orchestra Parade. This lively community festival brought together local artists, musicians, actors, historians, naturalists, storytellers and businesses to honour the past and dream the future of this island in the Salish Sea.